How I Rate Books

As much as I’d love to give a five star rating to every book I enjoy, I reached a point where I realised I wasn’t being too critical with my ratings. I decided to give each rating, that is one star, two star etc, a brief description so I can be more strict with what books are five stars.

One star books are books I did not enjoy. Period. These are the books that I perhaps struggled to finish or just disliked. I try not to give one star ratings and think I’ve only given one in the past, as I always try and focus on the positive elements of a book rather than the negative. I guess now that I’m running this book blog, I have to be a little more harsh and consider the negatives as well.


A two star rating is a book that I enjoyed, sort of, but it is rather underwhelming. The book didn’t necessarily give me what I thought it would, maybe it strayed from the storyline or got a bit silly towards the end. These books are ones that I finished and didn’t mind, but just felt a little disappointed.


The three star rating is given to books that gave me exactly what I wanted…but that’s it. These books aren’t particularly special, they did exactly what the cover literally said, but didn’t go above and beyond that. I enjoy these books and, because there is a lack of surprise or depth following the blurb, they are given a three star.


A four star rating is given to books that go beyond what I expected. I really enjoy reading these and the book contained surprises and twists. They aren’t my favourite books, but they are close. It’s highly likely that I’d reread this books again.


Five star ratings are books that, not only go above and beyond what I expected them to be, but genuinely bring me joy. These are my all time FAVOURITE books, some examples include IT by Stephen King and The Sister and The Gift by Louise Jensen. These are the books that I’d bring on a desert island.

Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “How I Rate Books

  1. I find it really interesting the different ways people rate a book. We are both similar in how we rate books as I give 5 stars to books that blow me away and 1 stars for books I really didn’t like or DNF. I love your blog as well! You blog banner is really pretty!

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